Notes on operating the Front Panel

Menus are as follows:

File Disk Util Debug

The assemble dialogs have a checkbox for "Listing". This causes an assembly listing to printed on the Line Printer, along with a dump of the symbol table.

The assemble dialogs also have options for creating a Magnetic Tape Image. This will produce a "Binary Run Tape" (BRT) with the bootstrap and loader records. Eventually, this will be a fairly-complete "Tape Monitor/Loader C" implementation, but right now it wraps a singe program in the self-loading code which allows for running the program. The procedure is similar to that described by "Tape Monitor/Loader C" documentation: BOOTSTRAP 40 twice, then RUN once. The following format is used:

  1. "1HDRΔ" record (skipped during bootstrap)
  2. The loader, bootmt.mti, including bootstrap and loader records
  3. The program image in BRT format, single segment, multiple records
  4. "1EOFΔ" record
  5. Two "1ERIΔ" records

The loader will restore punctuation based on the information in the tape image. Such a tape image may be mounted on tape drive 000 and used with the BOOTSTRAP and RUN buttons to load and run the program. The loader, bootmt.mti, was created from bootstrap.ezc and brtloader.ezc in the sample programs. These programs cannot be assembled from the front panel, as they require a different output format than BRT.