Sample programs and files from "hwprogs.tgz":

MACHIN program from The Honey Pi Project, slightly modified to set address mode and print a new-line when finished. Also slightly increased memory used to compensate for added instructions. Prints Pi digits, as they are computed, on line printer.
Program to test MCE instruction for examples from manuals. Prints test and results on line printer.
Example MONITOR program, for testing various advanced features such as protection, relocation, and interrupts. Select File menu option "Monitor" and select/assemble this file, then RUN. It is interactive on the console. Two commands: "L" to list current job, if queued, and "R" to run current job, if queued. A job is queued by using the Assemble menu option, with monitor running.
Example bootstrap program to load a program off Magnetic Tape. A binary version of this is embedded in the jar, and will be prepended to the tape image when assembling with the "Tape Image" option checked.
Simple test of card reader. Reads cards and prints them on the line printer. If SENSE 1 switch is ON, will also convert characters used in FORTRAN IV programs to equivalent for printing.
Simple test of card punch. Punches 4 cards with uninteresting text.
Simple test of card punch. Reads records from tape drive 000 and punches each (truncated to 80 characters).
Simple test for reading magnetic tape. Reads tape records from drive 000 and prints them on the line printer. Stops at first File Mark.
Simple test for formatting a disk pack. Reads tape records from tape drive 000 and formats them into tracks on disk drive 000. Starts at cylinder 0, track 0. Assumes 80 character records, which are formatted as 50 records per track with a TLR.
Simple test for reading a disk pack. Reads records from disk drive 000 starting at cylinder 0, track 0, and prints them to the line printer. Since it is not yet known how to detect "end of data" on disk packs, the program detects an error case where the next record is not found (and previous was not TLR).
simple test for the Time-of-day and Interval Timer devices. Prints current time, then sets up timer interrupts for 0.5 seconds (default time value) and then waits for 2 interrupts and prints current time again and halts.
A magnetic tape image that contains 311 records of 80 characters each, in a barber pole pattern. May be used with programs such as "mtitest.ezc" and "dsktest1.ezc".
A fragment of a FORTRAN IV program in punch card deck format. Uses Hollerith codes for special characters, as interpreted/printed by an IBM029 keypunch. NOTE: benefits from the SENSE 1 switch in "rdrtest.ezc" to convert punch card FORTRAN special characters to Honeywell line printer equivalents.
A single card containing "1EOFΔ".
A deck of sample data for use in data processing examples. Data format is:

1-13Numeric (10-13 is "customer ID")
14-28Alphabetic (first name)
29-43Alphabetic (last name)
44-53Numeric (44-48 is zip code)